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Tabs Instead of Spaces as a Courtesy

You've probably encountered the “tabs vs. spaces” debate for indentation before. This argument has been around for ages, and both sides present their reasons:


  • Indenting is their purpose
  • Smaller files, as indentation takes up one character
  • You can set your own indentation width (more on this later)


  • Code will look the same everywhere, and consistency is key
  • Avoid potential issues in environments sensitive to whitespace

But what if it's about more than personal preference? ChaseMoskal recently posted a thought-provoking entry on Reddit titled Nobody talks about the real reason to use tabs instead of spaces that might open your eyes.

The Main Reason to Use Tabs

Chase describes his experience with implementing spaces at his workplace and the negative impacts it had on colleagues with visual impairments.

One of them was accustomed to using a tab width of 1 to avoid large indentations when using large fonts. Another uses a tab width of 8 because it suits him best on an ultra-wide monitor. For both, however, code with spaces poses a serious problem, requiring them to convert spaces to tabs before reading and back to spaces before committing.

For blind programmers who use Braille displays, each space represents one Braille cell. Therefore, if the default indentation is 4 spaces, a third-level indentation wastes 12 precious Braille cells even before the start of the code. On a 40-cell display, which is most commonly used with laptops, this is more than a quarter of the available cells, wasted without conveying any information.

Adjusting the width of indentation may seem trivial to us, but for some programmers, it is absolutely essential. And that’s something we simply cannot ignore.

By using tabs in our projects, we give them the opportunity for this adjustment.

Accessibility First, Then Personal Preference

Sure, not everyone can be persuaded to choose one side over the other when it comes to preferences. Everyone has their own. And we should appreciate the option to choose.

However, we must ensure that we consider everyone. We should respect differences and use accessible means. Like the tab character, for instance.

I think Chase put it perfectly when he mentioned in his post that “…there is no counterargument that comes close to outweighing the accessibility needs of our colleagues.”

Accessible First

Just as the “mobile first” methodology has become popular in web design, where we ensure that everyone, regardless of device, has a great user experience with your product – we should strive for an “accessible first” environment by ensuring that everyone has the same opportunity to work with code, whether in employment or on an open-source project.

If tabs become the default choice for indentation, we remove one barrier. Collaboration will then be pleasant for everyone, regardless of their abilities. If everyone has the same opportunities, we can fully utilize our collective potential ❤️

This article is based on Default to tabs instead of spaces for an ‘accessible first’ environment. I read a similarly convincing post in 2008 and changed from spaces to tabs in all my projects that very day. It left a trace in Git, but the article itself has disappeared into the annals of history.

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