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Texy 3.0: Perfection Remains Untouched

It's a bit like when you spot a poster for a concert by a band you remember from your youth. Are they still playing? Or did they get back together after years because they need the money? Perhaps to cash in on the strings of nostalgia? [perex]

Texy is my first open-source project. I started writing it fifteen years ago. Texy has survived several version control systems. Numerous web services hosting repositories. Several string encodings. Various markup languages for creating websites. Several of my life relationships. A number of cities I've lived in.

Texy is still here because there is nothing better.

So, I have kept it up-to-date for fifteen years. We started in PHP 4, which was the worst programming language in the world and thus a challenge, then moved on to PHP 5 with relief, a few years later we transitioned to namespaces (Texy::Parser instead of TexyParser, wow), watched PHP stop being the worst language in the world, which frustrated many programmers who then turned to JavaScript, then God created PHP 7 and with it type hints (Texy::process(string $text): string megawow), and strictness came into fashion with declare(strict_types=1) and we honor that.

And so here is Texy 3.0.. It's the same as the previous versions, but with all the bells and whistles of PHP 7.1. It's the same because you don't mess with perfection.

Texy was here when you were born, in programming terms. Someday, Texy might even format your epitaph. And it will insert a non-breaking space between a and room.

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