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Texy! is Sexy!

Texy is sexy Texy! is a text converter and formatter outputting in XHTML. It uses a set of fairly simple, yet very effective rules that guide the conversion. I finally made a plugin for BLOG:CMS and now I can write all articles in Texy! It saves me a lot of time and you, dear readers, will see a typographically cleaner result.

You can try Texy! at the mentioned address or even here in the comments. These also run on a new engine.

Maybe I'm too big of a fan ? but I would say that Texy! is the most complex formatter. It can process images, links, nested lists, tables, and also CSS (Cascading Styles). It doesn't get fooled and generates valid, high-quality code. Additionally, it adjusts the format to national specifics:

  • inserts non-breaking spaces after single-letter consonantal prepositions and conjunctions (the most uncrystallizable ones)
  • breaks overly long words according to syllables
  • uses “double” and ‘single’ typographic quotes
  • converts a hyphen to an en dash: 10–15 vs. Czech-Slovak

Unfortunately, I developed the system at a time when I was not aware of any alternatives, making it completely incompatible with anything else. However, thoughts of slightly adapting it, perhaps to Textile, were ultimately dismissed. Simply put, Texy! just makes more sense to me. Texy! is sexy!

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