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Texy! and it's out!

Texy is sexy Texy! is now live and is lively engaging with the world!

As I was reading your emails and feedback about Texy!, I realized that an interesting phenomenon has been born. Texy! has become a symbol, a Godot that many people have been waiting for, often impatiently. Some websites are counting on Texy! as the path of future development, others have even already deployed it. I read an opinion that Texy! will start a revolution in the CMS field and replace WYSIWYG editors. Conversely, another guy is asking whether Texy! will also have WYSIWYG? “I'm waiting for it like death!” was mentioned in the comments.

Given that until recently only one single article about Texy! was published and no one had seen it, this is an excellent score ?

Texy! is now sexy

So, from today, Texy! is officially out. Still in beta version, we need to iron out some bugs and fine-tune the syntax. Therefore, I will appreciate it if you put it through rigorous tests. The website itself is also in beta. I want to improve the texts, divide the Syntax page into several smaller ones, and maybe even add a forum.

I previously informed about choosing a license and eventually chose a dual model – GPL + commercial license. So you can use it for free for your needs (I would appreciate a link) and you can include it in your GPL applications. And if you want to implement it in your commercial CMS, contact me and we will arrange the conditions for a special license.

And not to forget: is there anyone with excellent knowledge of English (or another language) who would help me with translation for the price of publishing their name with a link and the ensuing eternal glory? Thanks ?

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